Switching off Windows Virtual Store

CZE Windows File System and Registry Virtualization (Virtual Store) is a technology to provide backward compatibility for legacy applications, which require unlimited access to system locations like “Program Files” or “Windows” folders, “Local Machine” registry, etc. Unfortunately, this technology can significantly affect the performance of applications, therefore it can help to disable it in some…

Advanced Git branch filtering

Branch filters is an advanced Git feature, which is used less frequently, but there are situations where it can be quite handy. The branch filters can be used to manipulate (rewrite) multiple Git commits in the repository in a single step. It can be either a specific set of commits, the entire branch, or even all…

Migrate CVS to Git with cvs2svn

The following article describes how to migrate an existing CVS legacy repository to the more recent Git version control system, using the Tigris.org cvs2svn script.

The Git actually has some sort of direct support to import from CVS repositories, the git cvsimport command. However, although this command is better suited for incremental conversion from CVS to Git than the other alternatives, for one-time migrations there are some known issues. Therefore I prefer to use the cvs2svn bundle (specifically its cvs2git module) for one-time CVS-to-Git migrations.

Restore lost commits in Git

So, you’ve called a git reset –hard on a wrong branch or did some other destructive action (perhaps a wrong rebase, amend etc.), and lost some important commit(s) in the repository.

Well, fortunately nothing is actually lost, and Git allows us to recover such detached commits. Even amended commits can be restored back to the previous state using the following technique.